About DANA
DANA with its inclusive technology is the essential instrument for the new economy ecosystem and the initial touch point to financial services.
Our Purpose
We aim to become the bridge towards financial inclusion to realize Indonesia cashless society.
Our Mission
We take further efforts and initiatives to connect every element in the digital economy ecosystem including the government, financial institutions, partners, and users, to accelerate financial literacy and inclusion in Indonesia.
The Consumers at The Heart of Innovation
DANA guarantees end-to-end protection from prevention to resolution.
DANA is the most intuitive app experience tailored to your needs, abilities to plan & manage your budget with ease.
DANA’s open platform has enabled every Indonesian to access the one-stop modern financial solutions.
DANA’s Milestone
Our Steps Towards Change
Women Empowerment
We believe that Indonesian women are the catalyst for change. DANA have conducted and will continue to create programs that stimulate the support for women, to contribute on Indonesia economic growth.
Education for Digital Literacy
The mindset of growth begins by spreading digital literacy all over the country. DANA Academy is one of our initiatives to make sure the act of enlightenment keeps expanding.
Environment Sustainability
DANA also contributes to the green concern and continue being environmentally responsible through DANA Lestari.
Charity for Humanity
Hand in hand, DANA commits to give out and share helps whenever needed through DANA Donasi.
Our Achievements
DANA is registered in Bank of Indonesia with Category I license as a Payment Service Provider with the following services
DANA also registered with Bank of Indonesia for a license as a
With hi-tech security, DANA keeps users secure! Stay safe with our advanced protection and detection, including the use of the latest technology in security (fraud management, robotics detection, dan Account correlated events)