LWB Machine
Accept payments is more flexible
Increase your store's efficiency with 2-way QRIS mode. Make your customer payment process simpler.
2-way QRIS mode
LWB machine can show and scan QRIS that contains the amount of payment.
Screen and sound display
QRIS display is clearer. The machine will make a sound when you receive payments.
Modern solution to simplify payments
Enjoy the convenience of receiving transactions & printing receipts in seconds. Your store's finances is more transparent.
Access to DANA Kasir
Payment process is more accurate dan secure with DANA Kasir.
Smooth store operational
You can print receipt from EDC machine to make finance records more transparent.
One QRIS code for all
Customers can pay to your store using various bank apps and digital wallets, straight into your business account.
Install QRIS code in your physical store
You can print the QRIS code to display in your store or you can share it to customers
Accept payments more flexible
Accept payments via many Indonesian bank apps and digital wallets