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Hi, thank you for using DANA!

User must read these Terms and Conditions carefully and contact DANA if you have any questions.

These Terms and Conditions constitute your access to and use of DANA apps, website, content, features, and payment services provided by DANA. By accessing or using DANA, User agreed and bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), and “Privacy Policy” which stated in different page.


  1. DANA means DANA application and payment services in the form of electronic money, electronic wallet, transfer, and other support services, mobile-based which can be used through telecommunications devices. DANA is established by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe (EDIK) as the holder of the authorized license and obtained approval from Bank Indonesia for electronic money, electronic wallet, fund transfer, digital financial services from Bank Indonesia.
  2. Escrow Account means collection account of the fund on partner bank that cooperates and registered in DANA for utilization of DANA features.
  3. DANA Account means all registered accounts in DANA application by User to use any features in DANA.
  4. Premium Account or DANA Premium Account means DANA Account owned by Verified User.
  5. Bank means entity mobilizing funds from the public in the forms of Deposits and channeling them to the public in the forms of Credit and/or other forms.
  6. User or DANA User means every person who is registered as DANA Account and/or DANA Premium Account owner which also acts as the owner of DANA Balance as recorded in DANA.
  7. Unverified User or Unverified DANA User means User which has not completed the verification process.
  8. Verified User or Verified DANA User means User which has completed the verification process by uploading a selfie and a photo of ID Card.
  9. DANA Balance means the amount of electronic money which are put and recorded in DANA. The amount stated as electronic money will be put in the Escrow Account and can be used by Users for any transaction using DANA.
  10. Handphone Number means cellular phone number (handphone) or smartphone which are registered by Users to access DANA.
  11. Telecommunication Device means handphone, cellular phone, or smartphone, personal computer in forms of tablet or any other telecommunication devices, and using Android or IOS Operating System (OS) including other operating systems that may exist in the future and support DANA application.
  12. Merchant means any parties including institutions, companies or individuals performing transactions which payment are using DANA based on cooperation agreement with EDIK and/or DANA aggregator or any other terms of cooperation.
  13. Transaction means all transactions which may be made by User through DANA, in Indonesia and/or abroad (as relevant), which have been made available through features in DANA application, as well as any transactions that will be made available in the future.
  14. Agent means any third party that cooperate with EDIK to provide certain services or functions which can be used through DANA.


  1. DANA can only be used after the User agreed to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on DANA application and activated or registered his/her Handphone Number and provided all required information.
  2. Every Handphone Number can only be used for 1 (one) DANA account.
  3. Users can execute any Transaction if they have sufficient DANA Balance. The amount of DANA Balance is limited to:
  4. Rp2.000.000 (two million rupiahs) for DANA Account owned by Unverified DANA User;
  5. Rp10.000.000,- (ten million rupiahs) for DANA Premium Account; or
  6. Other amounts as determined from time to time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Limit of incoming Transaction in 1 (one) DANA Account for 1 (one) calendar month is Rp20.000.000 (twenty million rupiahs).
  8. EDIK may refuse and/or postpone the Transaction if the DANA security system captures suspicious transactions.


User may register DANA Account for the first time, by:

  1. Downloading DANA application on Telecommunication Device which are available on Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iOS);
  2. After installation, User may activate by following prompts and provide information about:
  3. Account Name
  4. PIN (6 digits) which is determined by the User;
  5. If the User wants to upgrade DANA Account to Premium Account, the User will be asked and prompted to upload a selfie and KTP on User’s DANA Account. Every registration request as Verified User will be considered as a legitimate request from User.
  6. All information sent by User regarding the registration of Premium Account will be stored by EDIK in order to verify the request and will be used for the Face Verification authentication method which are regulated in Terms and Conditions IV number 3.Approval and/or rejection of User verification request are considered as the authority of EDIK subject to applicable laws and regulations. EDIK, at any time, may revoke the verified status or cancel the approval of User’s verification request so that the status of the User account becomes unverified.
  7. Users agree to guarantee the accuracy of all data and information submitted by Users regarding DANA activation and/or verification. The user is fully responsible when the data and information submitted are found inaccurate, wrong, and/or fake in the future.

IV. PIN, OTP, and Face Verification

In terms of authentication and/or verification, DANA has 3 authentication methods consisting of PIN, OTP, and Face Verification.

1. PIN (Personal Identification Number)

  1. PIN means personal identification number set by User, when User activates DANA application, to verify User's identity in the DANA security system.
  2. User will be asked to fill in a PIN to verify payment and/or certain features determined by EDIK, to ensure the validity or to verify that the Transaction is carried out by the User.
  3. Users shall keep the PIN confidential and shall be fully responsible for the security of PIN. Any losses arising from User’s failure/negligence maintaining the confidentiality of PIN will be the user’s responsibility. Any verified PIN transmission from a User's DANA account will be considered a legitimate Transaction and/or activity from User and will, therefore, be binding and have a legal effect on User.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, PIN can be changed by other authentication methods provided by EDIK or by other parties who collaborate with EDIK which has been approved by EDIK.
  5. The user agrees to bear all the risks involved when disclosing PIN to any third party and will be fully responsible for any consequences arising from and related to it.
  6. EDIK does not know and will never ask the User to disclose the PIN to EDIK.

2. OTP (One Time Password)

  1. OTP (One Time Password) is passcode sent via Short Message Service (SMS) to User’s Handphone Number registered on DANA application, which functions to verify certain Transactions or actions taken through DANA.
  2. User shall maintain the confidentiality of OTP and take full responsibility for personal data, information, as well as security and availability and control of Telecommunication Device and Handphone Number used to receive the OTP code. Any losses arising from the failure/negligence of User in maintaining the confidentiality and security of OTP is User’s full responsibility. Every OTP code that has been successfully verified from the DANA account will be considered as legitimate Transaction and/or activity from User, from and therefore will be binding and have legal consequences on the relevant User.
  3. User agree to bear all related risks when disclosing the OTP code to any third party and to be fully responsible for any consequences associated with it.
  4. EDIK does not know and will never ask User to disclose the OTP to EDIK.

3. Face Verification

  1. Face Verification is a face recognition authentication method provided by EDIK as a security feature that can be chosen by User. User will be asked to scan their face image in real time for verification purposes. The availability of the Face Verification function will depend on the features and specifications of User’s Telecommunication Device.
  2. By activating Face Verification, User understands and agrees that the scanned face image of the User will be verified by the face photo that User has uploaded to the DANA application when User want to register as a Premium Account, to identify the User.
  3. By activating Face Verification, User also understands and agrees to provide EDIK’s access to the camera system and/or gallery installed on the User’s Telecommunication Device, to be able to scan User’s face image and save it in DANA application in order to identify User.
  4. Each sequence of Face Verification activations made by User will be considered as a legitimate request from User themselves. Approval and/or rejection of request for activation of Face Verification is the absolute authority of EDIK by considering the applicable laws and regulations. EDIK can, at any time, withdraw approval of such request.
  5. User can disable the Face Verification feature at any time through the “Settings” menu available on DANA application.
  6. User agrees to bear all related risks in the event of an occurrence of unauthorized access process and/or unauthorized use of the Telecommunication Device by any third party and to be fully responsible for any consequences associated with it.


Top up transaction means an electronic money top up of DANA Balance.

  1. There are several top up methods:
  2. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM);
  3. Direct Debit Feature;
  4. Internet Banking;
  5. SMS Banking; and
  6. Agent
  7. Top up guidance of above-mentioned methods may be accessed by clicking the “Top Up” menu in DANA application.
  8. EDIK does not record information used by User in top-up transactions regarding passwords or tokens or other security codes, either temporary or permanent into DANA system. The transaction validation process through Bank or third party will be directly carried out by the Bank or the related third party.
  9. Top up transaction process through Bank using the methods above, will be taken over by and processed through the banking system. DANA application will only forward the status of “Successful” or “Failed” Transaction from the Bank.
  10. In the event the top-up transaction is declared “Successful” then the User’s balance in the related Bank account will be automatically deducted whereas DANA Balance will be added according to the appropriate amount. If DANA Balance has not properly added, User may contact DANA through Customer Care.
  11. In the SMS Banking method, telecommunications operator will charge token delivery cost via SMS, which cost is determined directly by the telecommunications operator and borne by User.
  12. User understands that top-up transactions through third-party channels may experience system and/or network disruptions from time to time, which will be third parties responsibilities. Therefore, EDIK is not responsible for such disruptions, however EDIK will make reasonable efforts to resolve the disruption with third party channels.
  13. In the event of top-up transactions through direct debit feature from User’s source of funds managed by third parties, EDIK will forward the instructions given by User regarding such direct debit activity to the relevant third party.
  14. Information filled by User on direct debit feature may be saved in User’s DANA account, whereas there may be risks in User’s DANA account which affect direct debit feature. To avoid any doubts, risks arising from User negligence and/or other factors not caused by EDIK is not the responsibility of EDIK.
  15. Fees charged to DANA User are switching fees subjected to applicable service fees. EDIK will inform the applicable service fees from time to time.
  16. For the time being or during the promotion period, EDIK may provide free administration fees quota to User. Information of free administration fees quota can be seen on DANA application when User do such Transaction (as relevant). EDIK has the right at any time to change the form and period of promotion by giving notice through the media determined by EDIK.


DANA User may do various Transaction through feature available on DANA application.


  1. There is no interest towards DANA Balance, whereas User will not receive interest in any form. DANA Balance are not categorized as saving as referred to Laws on Banking and Laws on Sharia Banking and shall not be guaranteed by Deposit Insurance Institution as regulated by Laws on Deposit Insurance Institution.
  2. User may check DANA Balance through DANA application or through other means including facilities provided by third parties that are connected with DANA.
  3. DANA Balance can only be used for Transaction through DANA application. EDIK will not use DANA Balance for any activities outside DANA’s obligation to Merchant and User.
  4. DANA Balance may be used or transacted until zero balance.


  1. Cash Out means DANA Balance withdrawal feature through Bank account registered in DANA application or through other parties who cooperate with DANA.
  2. The amount of withdrawal balance by DANA User are subject to one-time withdrawal limitation, which stated in DANA application.
  3. Fees applied regarding withdrawals to a bank account will be charged to User and will be deducted from DANA Balance when the withdrawal is being processed. Applicable fees will be notified from time to time by EDIK to User, including if there is free balance withdrawal fee set by DANA.
  4. EDIK is not responsible for any negligence made by User regarding Bank information input by DANA User. EDIK is not responsible if there is a withdrawal, carried out by User to a Bank account, that does not have the same name as DANA User as the recipient. All legal consequences arising from withdrawal of DANA Balance by User are User’s responsibility.
  5. EDIK is not responsible if there is any problem on Bank and/or Agent’s side, causing the withdrawal of DANA Balance to fail to proceed as long as EDIK succeeded sending the transfer instructions to related Bank and/or Agent.
  6. Cash Out feature can only be accessed and used by Premium Account according to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Send Money means DANA feature which User may transfer an amount of available DANA Balance and/or balance in saved card in DANA application, to other DANA User or non-DANA User through Bank account, and/or chat/messaging. This feature also enable the User to send a sum of cash to other DANA User or non-DANA User through an agent in collaboration with EDIK (Send to Cashier), by first the sender input the recipient’s identity information (including but not limited to the recipient's telephone number, name in accordance with the identity card, and the recipient's date of birth) as well as the nominal money to be sent to the recipient via DANA application.
  2. User will be prompted to choose available send money methods, then fill in recipient Handphone Number registered as DANA User or Bank account numbers, amount to be sent and notes (if any).
  3. By using Send Money feature, User also understands and agrees to provide EDIK’s access to the phonebook on the User’s Telecommunication Device, to be able to send money to other DANA User.
  4. User is fully responsible to ensure that all information filled by User are true and accurate. All legal consequences caused by User negligence in filling recipient information and/or wrong amount and/or recipient’s identity (in Send to Cashier feature) are User responsibility whereas EDIK has no responsibility in any form.
  5. The User also fully agrees and understands to be responsible for the confidentiality and correctness of the recipient's data information data entered by the User on the DANA application for the Send to Cashier feature. All legal consequences caused by the User error in entering the recipient's information and/or the existence of the recipient's claim are entirely the responsibility of the User, and EDIK has no responsibility in any form whatsoever. The User agrees and understands that the information entered by the User will fully belong to EDIK in accordance with the EDIK Privacy Policy.
  6. Send Money feature towards DANA Balance and Send to Cashier Feature can only be accessed and used by Premium Account according to this Terms and Conditions.


  1. Request Money means DANA feature which User may requests for money amount to other DANA User by scanning QR, sending QR or by sending a link consisting requested amount through chat/messaging media. Afterwards, the sender may send such money amount in the form of recipient’s DANA Balance or bank account in accordance with the User’s request as the requester.
  2. User negligence in filling amount money in Request Money feature is not EDIK’s responsibility.


  1. Save Card means DANA feature which User can save information related to debit cards and/or credit cards issued by Banks that cooperates with EDIK into User account, which may be used to do Transaction.
  2. To save a card, User must fill debit card and/or credit card information such as card numbers, card expiration date, along with 3 (three) digit CVV numbers. DANA User are fully responsible for information provided to EDIK. By using the Save Card feature, User ensure and is responsible that User is the rightful owner of debit card and/or credit card whose information has been stored in Save Card feature by User and/or other User whom has obtained approval, power, authorization, and/or authority from the rightful owner of debit card and/or credit card.
  3. User will be prompted to enter an OTP, on DANA application, which will be sent directly by the issuing Bank which has User’s registered phone number recorded in relevant debit card/credit card on the verification page in DANA application.
  4. OTP code is confidential whereas User may not disclose it to any party. Regarding the OTP, User are subject to the issuing Bank terms and conditions where information of debit and/or credit card stored in Save Card feature. EDIK is not responsible for any consequences of User negligence in securing their Handphone Number including but not limited to events including loss, damage, misuse by irresponsible parties or counterfeiting. User are fully responsible and release EDIK from all consequences and risks arising in connection with User’s negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of User’s data information and/or OTP code.
  5. For card verification purposes, User will be charged a temporary fee according to EDIK policy which will be notified to User from time to time.
  6. In a period of 14 (fourteen) Business Days, EDIK will carry out verification process of User card information provided once it is verified EDIK will returned the temporary fee to User.
  7. The CVV code on User’s debit and/or credit card is confidential and bound by applicable regulations, EDIK does not record User’s CVV code.
  8. Types of Transaction which may be carried out using source of funds through debit card are merchant payments, top up DANA Balance, and send money/transfer DANA, while, types of Transaction that can be carried out using source of funds through credit card is only merchant payments.


  1. Manage Bills means DANA feature which allows User to manage their bills where DANA will provide reminder notification for bill payments.
  2. User may set reminder for third party billing services cooperated with EDIK as provided in DANA application.
  3. User may set the billing date which may be changed at any time.
  4. DANA will not provide reminder if User has paid their relevant bill.
  5. User may check the details of successful bill payments on DANA history page.
  6. EDIK may provide other billing management features, including but not limited to bill subscription feature with User approval. User must comply with the terms and conditions as well as subscription feature activation process, as determined by EDIK.


  1. Mobile Recharge Purchase provided by telecommunication operator or other operators are available through DANA application with various denominations according to instructions displayed in DANA application.
  2. Payment of postpaid bills or routine monthly bills such as electricity bills, water bills, internet subscription bills, Telkom bills, and other routine bills are available through DANA application.
  3. EDIK is not responsible for losses arising from negligence in filling detailed information, nominal and payment data.


  1. Invite friend or Referral Code means DANA feature which can provide references to any potential users as well as User’s relatives to register on DANA application by sharing a referral link.
  2. The invite friend feature from DANA is a form of promotion provided with policies that may vary from time to time. User understand that each promotion has terms and conditions applied.
  3. User may access reward regarding to successful referral in form of vouchers, cashback or other forms given by EDIK with applicable promotional policies, which may change at any time.
  4. User may use the rewards on Merchants determined by EDIK in accordance with promotion policies applied at that current time.
  5. EDIK has the right, without prior notice, to take the necessary actions if there is any suspicious act of fraud or misuse by User.
  6. EDIK are entitled to request KTP and photo, at any time if necessary, for User verification process.


  1. Promo Quest means DANA feature which allow User to complete several tasks, and/or various game scenarios, as determined by EDIK, to get various promotions from DANA.
  2. The tasks or game scenarios in Promo Quest feature is a form of promotion provided with policies that may vary from time to time. User understand that each promotion has terms and conditions applied.
  3. User may use the promotion at DANA Merchant partners throughout Indonesia or at other partners appointed by EDIK in accordance to the promotion policies applied at that current time.
  4. EDIK has the right, without prior notice, to take the necessary actions if there is any suspicious act of fraud or misuse by User.


  1. Loyalty means DANA feature which is based on cooperation between EDIK and Merchant in the form of loyalty card where User may get loyalty points for each payment made to the Merchant using DANA.
  2. User must activate the loyalty card available on the “Loyalty Card” menu to get points and/or benefits/profits offered by Merchant.
  3. User may exchange loyalty points with discount vouchers which may be used for Transaction at the Merchant.
  4. User will get 1 (one) Loyalty Point for each Transaction subject to the minimum purchase requirement set by EDIK which may change from time to time and will be notified to User. EDIK has full discretion and authority to determine the terms and conditions regarding the minimum Transaction value to get Loyalty Points and the amount of Loyalty Points that can be obtained.
  5. User must use DANA as the payment method to get Loyalty Points on each Transaction at the Merchant.
  6. The amount of Loyalty Points earned by User may vary based on the Merchant.
  7. Loyalty Points have a validity period which will be returned to 0 (zero) point when expired.
  8. EDIK has the right, without prior notice, to take the necessary actions if there is any suspicious act of fraud or misuse by User.


  1. DANA Paylater means DANA feature which provide product purchase financing with installment for User, which are held by collaboration partner appointed by EDIK.
  2. DANA Paylater feature can only be accessed and used by Premium Account User.
  3. User must complete all necessary informations such as personal data, family data, and information related to user's occupation.
  4. After receiving User’s data, EDIK’s partners will verify, including but not limited to carrying out credit scoring and/or risk profiling.
  5. Based on the verification results, EDIK’s partners will render a decision to approve or reject DANA Paylater application by User.
  6. EDIK and/or EDIK’s partners have the right to refuse User’s application according to the assessment of User's information.
  7. User may purchase products offered by EDIK, unless for products that do not have permission to be traded in accordance with the applicable regulation and/or are not permitted in accordance with the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions.
  8. User understands that EDIK’s partners have the right to charge installment fees for DANA Paylater User.
  9. User understand and agree to all terms and conditions of credit facilities offered in DANA Paylater feature before submitting DANA Paylater application.


  1. DANA Business Account is a feature to help users meet their business/business payment needs. DANA Business Account provides payments via a link, balance withdrawal feature, and features to view Transactions and payment status.
  2. Verified DANA users can activate a Business DANA Account by filling out complete and detailed business profile information in the form provide by DANA.
  3. By submitting the activation of DANA Business Account, Users understand and agree to subject to DANA Business Account Terms and Conditions.


  1. Upon a purchase of goods/services at Merchant, Users may do a payment transaction using DANA application including other facilities owned by third parties connected with DANA services.
  2. In payment transactions upon a purchase of goods/services using DANA application, Users are subject to the terms and conditions applied to/by Merchants and/or providers of the goods/services.
  3. All forms of promotions at DANA Merchants are subject to the respective promotional terms and conditions and specific promotional periods. The form, terms and conditions, and promotion period are the absolute authority of EDIK.

14) FEED

  1. Feed means DANA feature which allow User to share their activity and information in DANA application to other DANA User. By activating Feed, User will automatically be following other User’s activities.
  2. User at any time may deactivate their activity sharing to other User through profile setting.
  3. By using Feed, User understands and agrees to provide EDIK’s access to phonebook on the User’s Telecommunication Device to be used in correlation with Feed feature.
  4. User understands all the consequences arise by activating Feed feature and are responsible for Feed feature usage subject to these Terms and Conditions. User agrees to use Feed feature properly and not to misuse for any purpose that can cause harm to EDIK and / or other DANA User.


User who make Transactions using DANA application payment services through its application or platforms owned by third par-ties/partners/merchants that collaborate with EDIK, understand and recognize to subject to more specific terms and conditions set by those third parties and/or specific terms and conditions deter-mined by EDIK on such third party application (As relevant). EDIK is not responsible for the negligence/errors of Users who make Transactions in the application owned by these third parties.


User agrees and subjects to these Term and Conditions, also spe-cific terms and conditions in products or features held in collabora-tion between third party and EDIK which exist and provide in DA-NA application, both currently available and in the future with prior notice, including but not limited to the form of cooperation of mer-chants, partners (including bank), aggregators, and other pay-ment/financial services.


User’s DANA account will be valid as long as the account is not permanently closed, either by User or by EDIK.


  1. Fees of DANA features usage, as determined by EDIK, the Bank, Agents, or by third parties who collaborate with EDIK, will be deducted directly from User's DANA account with prior notice. EDIK may impose a free promo with a quota and a certain period that may change at any time. These changes will be informed through the communication media determined by the DANA.
  2. Regarding the payment instruments which may be stored and used through DANA application, EDIK may determine the cost of payment processing transactions issued by other parties, including but not limited to debit cards, credit cards and electronic money other than DANA.
  3. Banks and other issuing payment instrument institutions which cooperate with EDIK may charge fees for each Transaction through DANA electronic wallet according to Bank's policy on relevant payment instruments.


  1. DANA Protection is a form of protection granted by EDIK to Verified Users in order to protect them from unauthorized transactions resulting by DANA Account Take Over (“ATO”).
  2. Verified Users are required to first comply with procedure and requirement which are set out by EDIK prior to claim DANA Protection benefits.
  3. Types of ATO recognized by DANA are:
  4. User telecommunication device lost which resulted in User unable to access DANA Account. Limited to first claim/event lost;
  5. Brute force/hacking of DANA Account without authorized permission using a system or particular device; or
  6. DANA Protection does not cover the followings:
  7. Fraudulent claims/user negligence which does not include the form of ATO recognized by DANA;
  8. User who are allegedly file false claim and/or commit fraudulent.
  9. malware or a program designated with the purpose to damage/enter into DANA security system, of User’s device;
  10. transactions on trusted device/environment;
  11. third party systems affected by hacking/malfunction/downtime, force majeure.
  12. DANA Protection applies to DANA balance or cards which are saved in DANA Account either in the form of credit card or debit card.
  13. Prior to claiming DANA protection benefits, Verified Users must notify DANA within 7 calendar days from the ATO/potential ATO occurs by contacting DANA User Services (Customer Care). Failure to notify within the period of time required by EDIK will result in User being exempted from DANA Protection.
  14. User must provide information for investigation purposes as requested by EDIK in written. Failure to provide info/documentation required by EDIK will result in User being exempted from DANA Protection.
  15. If the amount of ATO loss is Rp2.500.000,- (two million five hundred thousand rupiah) or more, Verified Users must submit a Police report to EDIK; Telecommunication device lost which resulted in User unable to access DANA Account, Verified Users must submit a valid Police report to EDIK.
  16. DANA Protection provides compensation according with the loss suffered by Verified Users with maximum amount of Rp10.000.000,- (ten million rupiah) per Verified Users;
  17. Policy and decision regarding DANA Protection, requirement, DANA Protection exceptions, source of funds, including amount of compensation, is the absolute authority of EDIK. EDIK’s policy or decisions regarding DANA Protection doesn’t waive User’s responsibility to keep all the private/secret information, including but not limited to sensitive information such as name, birth date, registered handphone number or alternative handphone number, PIN, OTP or other verification information, card number related to DANA Account.
  18. EDIK or DANA cannot be claimed over complaint in any kind whatsoever by issuing decision of DANA Protection.
  19. DANA Protection policy including its requirements and rules may change by time to time and will be notified to User through the media stated by EDIK.


  1. DANA balance and/or payment instruments stored on DANA can be used for DANA application payments services as well as purchases at Merchants, which are subject to policies of other payment instrument issuers cooperating with EDIK.
  2. EDIK forwards User's instructions to payment instrument issuer who cooperate with EDIK through DANA. User payment transactions can only be processed if the issuer of relevant payment instrument authorizes these instructions.
  3. Transactions confirmed by User for processing cannot be cancelled by User one-sidedly. EDIK has the authority and discretion to determine the decision on the cancellation request based on a case-by-case review.Covered ATO are as follows: lost mobile device and brute force attacks;
  4. EDIK is a payment system provider and User understand that EDIK has no control nor responsibility for goods or services that are paid using DANA. Every complaint and/or claim by User against the payment instruments issuer other than DANA is the responsibility of the relevant payment instrument issuer, however EDIK may receive User complaints and/or claims to be forwarded to the relevant payment instrument issuer. In such case, EDIK is not responsible for any losses incurred in relation to the complaint and/or claim.
  5. User may provide electronic instructions to delete payment instrument data from DANA electronic wallet feature.
  6. If User request a refund on another payment instrument in DANA electronic wallet, the refund claim can be submitted directly to the relevant Merchant. EDIK will forward the refund claim of other payment instruments fund based on the Merchant's request to the relevant payment instrument issuer. User may also submit refund claim of other payment instruments to EDIK no later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of the Transaction by submitting sufficient supporting evidence. Moreover, EDIK will forward refund claim of other payment instruments to the relevant payment instrument issuer based on EDIK’s review.


  1. EDIK may at any time make corrections of (by conducting a debit or credit) DANA Balance if according to EDIK records there are errors in Transactions, systems, networks, or errors in other forms, including but not limited to request from User or authorized officials based on the applicable regulations.
  2. Regarding to requests for correction by third parties, EDIK will examine and decide according to EDIK assessment and policy. EDIK will not make corrections to DANA Balance without information deemed sufficient for EDIK to prove an error in the Transaction.
  3. In relation with the correction as referred to number 1) and number 2), User hereby grants an irrevocable authority to EDIK to debit and/or credit User's DANA Balance. Such authority will remain applicable and cannot be terminated for any reason including for reasons provided in Articles 1813, 1814 and 1816 of the Civil Code.


  1. DANA account can be wholly or partially blocked, in accordance with EDIK policy, upon the following conditions:
  2. User fill an incorrect PIN and/or password 4 (four) times in a row;
  3. Users file official request, either because of User report due to lost or stolen or hacked cellular phone. User must provide related information/data regarding the block request to EDIK.
  4. Conducted one-sidedly by EDIK due to reasons according to DANA policy which has adverse indication to EDIK and/or an indication of violation upon applicable laws and regulations whereas User's DANA account must be immediately be blocked with or without prior notice to User, including but not limited to:
  5. There is a request from the state authority or law enforcement authority, or;
  6. If User use DANA service that causes a violation of Terms and Conditions or DANA Privacy Policy, or;
  7. If User provide data/information and information that is incorrect or misleading during registration or while using DANA, or;
  8. There are indications of misuse of DANA service for activities that violate applicable laws and regulations, or;
  9. DANA accounts are not used for a minimum period of 6 (six) consecutive months.
  10. If EDIK according to its own reasonable cause to have other feasible reasons. 
  11. Re-activation of the blocked account due to the reasons referred to section i. above is under the authority of EDIK and EDIK also has full authority to temporarily or permanently disable User’s access to DANA Account and/or partly or all features and services of DANA application.


  1. DANA account can be deactivated due to the following conditions:
  2. An official request from User submitted through Customer Service contact line, by fulfilling the procedures and EDIK’s requirements.
  3. There is a request from the state authority or law enforcement authority.
  4. EDIK policy based on applicable laws and regulations;
  5. Forceful conditions that occur for 3 (three) months or more in a row; and/or
  6. Termination of operational activities for any reason.
  7. EDIK will return DANA balance to User whom deactivate DANA account after deducting the outstanding fees (if any), unless based on EDIK's judgment it is necessary to hold a certain portion of the DANA balance, for example, due to reasonable confidence that the portion is related to or caused by fraud, misuse, other violation of the law, or violation of these Terms and Conditions.
  8. In relation to DANA Account deactivation, User and DANA agree to waive a provision of Article 1266 of the Civil Code, as long as a court decision is required for the closure of the DANA account and/or termination of these Terms and Conditions.


  1. User may ask questions about DANA services or submit complaints by contacting DANA User Services (Customer Care) at:
  2. WhatsApp Chat to 081911500445;
  3. Email to [email protected]; or
  4. A phone call to 1500 445
  5. Information related to DANA service and promotions that currently applied directly on DANA can be accessed through the website: www.dana.id.


  1. To prevent misuse of User data or DANA Account, User must remember and maintain the confidentiality of their data information including but not limited to Handphone Numbers that are registered on DANA accounts or alternative Handphone Number, passwords or PINs and/or verification codes or OTP, answers to registered secret questions or other data given by User or received by User regarding Transactions or for any activities or Transactions that occurs / is done by User by not disclosing it to any party. The user is fully responsible for all consequences and risks arising in connection with User's negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of User's data information.
  2. User must protect his information stated above, from events including loss, damage, misuse by irresponsible parties or counterfeiting. User hereby acknowledges and agrees to release EDIK from any liability and compensation in any form to User or any party for matters that occur beyond EDIK's fault and/or negligence including but not limited to the following events:
  3. Loss or damage of Telecommunication Devices or Handphone Numbers;
  4. Unauthorized access to User's personal information that occurs outside the scope of EDIK's responsibilities or in third party’s app;
  5. Any losses incurred due to DANA Users indicated to violate the law and/or there is abuse of any kind of action by other unauthorized parties;
  6. In the event of loss of the Handphone either due to theft, loss or any reason, User must immediately contact DANA Customer Care to block the relevant DANA Account. User hereby discharge and releases EDIK from all risks and consequences arising and suffered by User in relation to loss of alternate Handphone Number or Handphone Number or User's negligence correlated with it.
  7. EDIK, at its sole discretion, has the right to reject the User registration request of DANA services without giving reasons.
  8. User hereby obliged to check and ensure that all information and data registered and provided during DANA usage are accurate and correct, therefore User discharge and release EDIK from all forms of lawsuits, claims and/or compensation whether originating from the User or any party and in any form whatsoever in connection with the User's negligence in submitting this Terms and Conditions.
  9. If the Transaction has been completed, User hereby acknowledge and agree that the transaction CANNOT be undo for any reason and the Transaction will still be processed in accordance with the information and data that have been registered and entered by User.
  10. User will be charged with cost correlated to DANA services in accordance with applicable provisions at DANA including but not limited to Transaction fees, Short Message Service fees (SMS) and other costs which will be informed to Users through communication media used for DANA products. User of DANA application services must use data telecommunications services, and Users are responsible for providing data telecommunications connectivity, including data access tariffs for such connectivity. Fees and terms of use will be governed by telecommunications service operator used by User.
  11. In the event of a technical disturbance on the network or in the case of an increase in services or networks, changes in services or networks, repair and/or maintenance of services or networks used by EDIK, causing interference with the DANA service, then EDIK will immediately handle and/or repair it within a maximum period of 1 (one) business day, for which User will receive a notification from the DANA application regarding the interruption of service. EDIK will provide further notice if more time is needed to handle and/or repair the technical problems.
  12. In the event of a DANA system error due to any reason resulting in disruption of the DANA service or errors in the execution of services or Transactions that were not caused by the User, EDIK will repair the error as soon as possible or within 1 (one) working day or a maximum of 3 (three) working days since the error occurred.


Failure to carry out or delay in the implementation of partly or all of the obligations under the Terms and Conditions by EDIK will not be considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions if they are caused by an event that is beyond EDIK's control or commonly referred to as Force Majeure including but not limited to (a) natural disasters (b) fire, labor strikes, war, riots, rebellions or other military actions (c) actions of authorized parties/agencies that affect the continuity of the provision of telecommunications services (d) actions of third parties that cause EDIK cannot provide telecommunications services (e) any decisions from the competent authority or changes in decisions from the government that affect the implementation of DANA services including changes in the application of tariffs to Users and (f) outbreaks, epidemics, and / or disease pandemics. User agrees to release EDIK from any claim if EDIK is unable to fulfill the User's requests through DANA account either partly or in full because of a Force Majeure.


  1. EDIK is very concerned about the safety and comfort of Users when using DANA services. Therefore, EDIK has a security system for User transactions to ensure that User’s Transactions are safe and that User's information and personal data are stored and used in accordance with DANA application Privacy Policy and subject to applicable laws and regulations.
  2. DANA uses adequate servers to maintain the security of User's confidential information. All sensitive information will be sent via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in condition which data can only be accessed by personnel whom have special authority in order to always maintain the confidentiality of such information.
  3. EDIK applies reasonable steps to ensure User's PIN is not known to anyone except the User to avoid misuse by other parties. Thus, User is fully responsible for the confidentiality of User's PIN.
  4. In the event that EDIK has a collaboration with other third parties in relation to provide access to DANA services to Users through relevant third-parties facilities then:
  5. EDIK may display User informations or/and other information to relevant third parties for the purpose of maintaining system security.
  6. EDIK can use an authorization tool other than DANA that is jointly determined by EDIK and third parties who cooperate with EDIK.
  7. EDIK ensure that the implementation provisions referred to in sections i) and ii) are subject to DANA security standards and provisions and the applicable laws and regulations.


  1. User represent and ensure that according to the applicable laws and regulations User is party that is capable, entitle, or allowed to use all features and services by EDIK.
  2. User represent and ensure that User is an individual who is legally authorized to be bound by an agreement based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, specifically to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. User, at the time of accessing, registering, and/or using DANA, is at least 21 years old or has been married, and is not under a guardianship. If User is below 21 years old and has never been married at the time of accessing, registering, and/or using DANA, User hereby declares and ensures that User has obtained the approval from parents/legal trustee to access, register, and/or use DANA.
  3. Use of DANA and/or DANA features and services constitute User’s approval to be subjected to (i) these Terms and Conditions; (ii) the specific terms and conditions that apply for DANA in collaboration with third-party application providers; (iii) the specific terms and conditions that apply for promo/campaign; (iv) the specific terms and conditions that apply for each features provided in DANA; (v) privacy policy; and (vi) any prevailing laws and regulations.
  4. User represent and ensure that User will use DANA properly according to these Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia, and will not take any action aimed at avoiding, penetrating, and/or exploiting security system or causing disruption and/or damage to DANA system, account, products, features misuse by User or cause harm to DANA and/or other User. User are fully responsible for any consequences caused by user’s violation to these terms.
  5. User represent and ensure that fund used related to the Transaction services, does not belongs to any criminal acts or prohibited acts in accordance to applicable laws and regulations valid in the Republic of Indonesia, the opening of DANA Account does not for the objective of and/or dedicated in order to any effort which related to the money laundering activities in accordance to the related laws and regulations valid in the Republic of Indonesia, transaction does not dedicated to deceived, covering, avoid report to Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisa Transaksi Keuangan/ PPATK) in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations valid in the Republic of Indonesia, Transactions are not conducted to make payments for transactions that are object in violation of the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia, User is fully responsible and releases DANA from any liability, claim and or penalty in any form if Users is proven involved in the money laundering activities in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. User hereby represents and ensures that user will fully responsible for any service of DANA accessed with its User ID number.
  7. User hereby declare that User will complete all data or complete EDIK’s request for data or additional documents regarding to an internal investigation/search/follow-up examination of a suspicious transaction and/or is indicated to violate the Terms and Conditions or the applicable laws and regulations.
  8. User may not give authority, right and/or power of attorney in any forms and any condition to person or parties to use data, account and/or PIN. User for any reason in any condition are prohibited to transfer/ hand over the account to person or any parties.
  9. User represent and ensure that User will not ask EDIK to return any documents which are already submitted, therefore EDIK is entitled to use such data and information related to Transaction service or related to administration matters in DANA or promotion or marketing programs of DANA, unless it is obliged by applicable law.
  10. User represent and ensure to update and inform EDIK whenever there is changes of data/information related to registration to EDIK.
  11. By using services of DANA, Users herewith understands that all communication method or instruction from User received by DANA will be treated as authentic evidence even though it is not in the written form of document or issued in the form of document signed by both parties. User hereby represent and ensure that User are not and will not deny the enforceability and validity of communication and electronic instructions submitted by User through DANA, as authentic evidence.
  12. User hereby understand and agree that DANA services are provided "as is" and "as available", without EDIK's assurance of services provided through DANA are suited for spesific User need. In such condition, DANA does not assure that (i) DANA usage may satisfy User need, (ii) DANA will be available from time to time without disruption or error, (iii) every discrepancy within DANA application will be improved to meet User's expectation. However, EDIK will continue to try its best and as reasonable as prossible to provide the best service for User.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are be subject to, governed, and implemented according to law of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. In the event of dispute in the interpretation or implementation of Terms and Conditions, DANA and User agree to resolve the dispute through deliberation. If DANA and User cannot reach an agreement through deliberation, then the dispute shall be resolved at South Jakarta District Court.
  3. These Terms and Conditions are made in Bahasa Indonesia and English. In the event of an inconsistency between the English version and the Bahasa Indonesia version, the Bahasa Indonesia version shall prevail.
  4. DANA, including its name and logo, codes, designs, technologies, business models, are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, and other intellectual property rights available under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. EDIK (and those who are related to DANA license, if applicable) own all rights and interests of DANA, including all intellectual property rights related thereto. These Terms and Conditions are not and in no way shall be deemed to be granting the Users permission to use any of DANA intellectual property rights as mentioned above.
  5. The waiver or suspension or failure by EDIK to do direct actions, apply sanctions, make a claim for violation of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or to exercise any right provided in these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of EDIK’s right to take actions needed in the future.
  6. Users may not assign their rights under these Terms and Conditions of DANA User, without EDIK prior written consent. Although DANA electronic money balance may be transferred to any third party, DANA Account cannot be transferred to any third party.
  7. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be illegal, unlawful or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any law or principle, the provision or part thereof shall be deemed not to be part of these Terms and Conditions, and any other provisions in these Terms and Conditions are still valid and enforceable.
  8. These Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, including any features or services offered in DANA Account, may be modified, added, or amended from time to time at DANA’s discretion. User continued use of DANA service upon modification, variation and/or amendment to these Terms and Conditions constitutes User acceptance of such modifications, variations and/or changes.
  9. User hereby notice and agree to give permission to EDIK to use User’s personal data/information in features and services provided in DANA app (or in will be provided in the future) for features and services development/improvement of DANA app, under Privacy Policy and the law.
  10. User’s personal data is maintained under the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is considered as an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and Users agreement to these Terms and Conditions constitutes Users acceptance to the Privacy Policy.
  11. Transactions of Users done through DANA are saved electronically in DANA servers. Users acknowledge that DANA has used its best endeavor to maintain the system security. However, in the event of any direct discrepancy between data, balance and/or transaction history in Users’ DANA Account, User agrees to use data, balances, or history transactions held by EDIK as final and binding evidence for both parties.
  12. User understands that when using DANA Account, User’s personal data may be collected, used and/or disclosed by DANA so that User may benefit full DANA service, therefore the User hereby authorizes EDIK to use such personal data to third parties who have collaboration with EDIK.
  13. User may contact DANA Customer Care or access DANA application and DANA website to find out information regarding DANA products and DANA services.
  14. User shall receive notice regarding product or service or recent promotion of DANA through personal communication or through application of DANA. If User is not willing to receive the notice then User may contact DANA Customer Care.


User understands and agrees that these Terms and Conditions are electronic agreements and the User's action of pressing the Register/Activate button or the sign-in button or tick the consent box when accessing DANA is an User's consent to enter into an agreement with EDIK so that the applicability of these Terms and Conditions are valid and legally binding and continue to apply throughout the use of DANA application.

EDIK may transfer EDIK rights based on these Terms and Conditions without prior approval from User or notify User in advance.